Customising Your New Kitchen Cabinetry to Resolve Common Problems


You might have experienced some of the following issues in your current kitchen and want to avoid them if you're remodelling. For example, have you been woken from sleep by the slamming of kitchen cupboard doors? In that case, you might plan to make the new design less noisy. You might also want to avoid being forced onto your hands and knees to reach into the back of cupboards. Plus, you may aim to redesign your kitchen so that it's less congested so that several people can cook at once. The following are several renovation tips to make those problems a thing of the past.

Soft-close doors and drawers

First, you can address noisy cabinetry by installing soft close cupboards and drawers. They'll close themselves with a gentle push from you, not making any loud banging sound. After all, your kitchen may be a socialising hub, and a harsh slamming cupboard can be jarring and ruin the atmosphere, especially if several people are preparing food at once. The new peace will be a welcome relief.

Drawers Instead of Cupboards

The problem with traditional lower cupboards with a middle shelf is that they force you to get on your knees to find what you want. You can put that scenario to bed by installing drawers instead for all items and not just cutlery. You can install drawers of different depths that match the height of whatever you intend to deposit. Thus, for big saucepans and pans, you could opt for deep drawers. Fit mid-size drawers for mid-sized items and so on. That way, no vertical space is wasted.

Traditional cupboards waste a lot of storage space. You might place cans of food or flour on the shelf, but above is a dead area. Also, drawers are easy to access as you can pull them out and see everything, even back items. They make more sense for the lower cabinetry that you look down at when standing up.

Kitchen Flow

Another issue you may wish to eliminate is kitchen traffic jams. It may be hard in your current space if several people are cooking or preparing food at once. While a free-flowing space depends on the room proportions to some degree, you can also create the best working area by placing the kitchen components you use most frequently around the room carefully.

The traditional concept of a kitchen triangle between the stove, fridge, and sink can be expanded to include the dishwasher and pantry. If these components are too close, it causes congestion when several people use the space. If the kitchen has ample floor area, you could consider a kitchen island. You can fit a sink or stove on the island, thus increasing the layout options for your custom cabinets.


25 October 2021

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