Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips: Dealing With Dog Urine


Artificial grass is low maintenance compared to real grass, but you still need to do some basic work to keep it in top condition, especially if your dog uses it as a toilet. Solid waste is typically easy to deal with. You can just scoop it up and hose off any residue; however, urine may cause more of a problem over time.

Artificial grass doesn't absorb urine but allows it to drain into its base. If the urine is trapped there and dries, it may turn into uric acid crystals, which can make your grass smell bad, especially in hot weather or dry spells.

If you haven't installed your artificial grass yet, talk to the installation company before you proceed. If the company knows you have a dog, it can factor pet waste into the build. For example, it may recommend adding a turf deodoriser and air-circulating membrane under the grass to prevent urine smells from building up.

If you've already installed the grass, don't panic. Dog urine doesn't have to be a permanent problem, and regular maintenance or deodorising fixes may help.

Hose Down Your Grass

You may be able to control urine smells by hosing down your grass regularly. This helps wash away urine residue. If your dog uses the grass as a toilet regularly, try hosing it down every week or so to keep on top of the problem. If it only happens occasionally, and you have time, deal with it as soon as it happens. If you can get urine off the turf, it can't seep under it.

Deal With Urine Smells

If your artificial grass starts to smell bad, deodorise it with a deeper clean. Mix white vinegar and water in equal parts and use the solution to wash down the grass. A mild detergent mixed with water may also work. If the smell lingers, you can buy artificial grass deodorisers that target the uric acid crystals and remove them.

Tip: Don't use any chemical on artificial grass unless the manufacturer recommends it, as chemicals may damage the surface of the grass permanently.

Create a Dog Toilet Area

If your lush new lawn proves to be just too tempting for your dog when it needs to go, try setting up a separate toilet area in your garden. You'll have to train your pet to use this area as its bathroom rather than your grass, which may take a little time; however, this could reduce the amount of maintenance the grass needs and keep your garden smelling fresh.

For more tips on caring for your artificial grass, contact your supplier or installer. 


25 August 2015

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