Tips on Giving Your Kitchen a Retro Vibe


When renovating a kitchen, you can evoke different looks, such as contemporary or rustic styles. Why not opt for a vintage design? You can install appliances designed in tune with past eras, making things easier. To incorporate a vintage aesthetic into other parts of the kitchen, here are some tips.


One way to evoke the past is to use the colours that were popular then. If you want to channel the 70's, you could incorporate avocado greens and burnt oranges into the design. For example, install some upper cabinets with orange-toned patterned glass doors. You can easily change the doors if you want a different look in the future. If you want to give the kitchen a 1950's inspired look, consider soft colours such as baby blue or pastel green. You could install mint tiles above the countertops or install a powder blue refrigerator.


To evoke an epoch, think about the patterns that were popular then. You could look online for popular wallpapers or linoleum floor patterns from your chosen decade. These could be incorporated into your kitchen via a digitally printed glass splashback. You can use any high-quality image. Another idea is to look for retro-inspired wrapping paper and have it photographed for a custom glass splashback. Alternatively, install patterned wall tiles instead. On the floor, you could lay a classic 1950's black and white chequerboard design. Rather than using linoleum, simply use vinyl tiles.

Timber Cabinets

Dark brown timber cabinetry was popular in the seventies, especially when paired with yellow or orange countertops and other surfaces. You don't have to go that far to channel the look. You could install faux wood laminate cupboards with a more subtle soft ash timber grain. Laminate doors have MDF inside, and they're covered with a wood photograph and a hard-wear layer. Thus, they look authentic and are long-lasting.

Breakfast Nook

Rather than installing a kitchen island with seating in the centre of the room, which is popular nowadays, why not build a nook in the corner of the room? These were popular in 1950s kitchens. You could build a bench seat against a wall and place a dining table with chairs on the other side. A cosy out-of-the-way spot is an ideal space to relax with a cup of tea or coffee and a magazine. It's also a handy place for children to study or do homework using a laptop.

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2 February 2022

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