Customising Your New Kitchen Cabinetry to Resolve Common Problems


You might have experienced some of the following issues in your current kitchen and want to avoid them if you're remodelling. For example, have you been woken from sleep by the slamming of kitchen cupboard doors? In that case, you might plan to make the new design less noisy. You might also want to avoid being forced onto your hands and knees to reach into the back of cupboards. Plus, you may aim to redesign your kitchen so that it's less congested so that several people can cook at once.

25 October 2021

Reasons to Install a Granite Countertop in Your Kitchen


The countertop is the prime work area of a kitchen, so it needs to be tough. The benchtop also affects the room ambience, being highly visible and prominent. One material to consider is granite. Here are several benefits of these stone benchtops. Textures and Patterns Granite slabs offer texture and colour variations, so you can blend them with diverse decors. For instance, many exhibit a speckled texture with flecks of different hues that blend together.

14 July 2021

Two Suggestions for a Quick and Easy Bathroom Renovation Experience


Follow the suggestions below for a quick and easy bathroom renovation experience. Use wainscoting and paint instead of wall tiles One of the tasks that can lead to bathroom renovations taking a very long time is tiling. As such, if your bathroom walls are water-stained and faded and you want the remodelling contractor to spruce them up, you should have them paint the walls and add some wainscotting to each wall's lower half, instead of having them add tiles to them.

23 April 2021