Reasons to Install a Granite Countertop in Your Kitchen


The countertop is the prime work area of a kitchen, so it needs to be tough. The benchtop also affects the room ambience, being highly visible and prominent. One material to consider is granite. Here are several benefits of these stone benchtops.

Textures and Patterns

Granite slabs offer texture and colour variations, so you can blend them with diverse decors. For instance, many exhibit a speckled texture with flecks of different hues that blend together. These designs create a highlight in an otherwise neutral kitchen. Other granite counters display minimal patterning and are relatively uniform. These less bold granite slabs can help form a neutral backdrop to accentuate different elements, such as a statement splashback.

Colour Choices

Granite offers plenty of colour choices when it comes to picking a counter. This rock is available in yellow, white, red, green, grey, beige, black, and brown. Each slab blends different hues together to create a unique and unrepeatable design. Though several shades may blend, each slab will feature a predominant colour, which you can coordinate with your kitchen. You can also use the stone to choose the overall kitchen colour palette by picking out several hues from the benchtop and using them for the cabinets, splashback, and so on. Additionally, a granite counter won't fade in the sunlight, as the coloured minerals run throughout the slab.

Finish Options

You can also install a granite counter with your favourite finish. A polished counter reflects light and creates a gleaming effect. A honed countertop, on the other hand, creates a modern look with less sheen. Other possibilities include flamed or brushed finishes that show more texture. For a counter for preparing food, you might prefer the convenience of a polished or honed benchtop. Then, the smooth surface won't capture food scraps and be difficult to wipe.

Durable and Long-lasting

Granite counters are durable and long-lasting. They're more resistant to acidic foods and scratches than marble. However, all rock is porous, so you need to seal the counter as recommended. Additionally, though granite is quite tough, be careful to use cutting boards and trivets for hot pots and pans to protect the counter. Typically they last for many years, so you can always keep the granite even if you redecorate in the future.

Thus, granite offers plenty of benefits. It comes in various patterns, colours, and finishes, allowing you to choose an option to fit your kitchen design. Each counter is uniquely patterned with organic coloured minerals. Additionally, this rock is tough and long-lasting, so long as you seal it as recommended.


14 July 2021

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