Two Suggestions for a Quick and Easy Bathroom Renovation Experience


Follow the suggestions below for a quick and easy bathroom renovation experience.

Use wainscoting and paint instead of wall tiles

One of the tasks that can lead to bathroom renovations taking a very long time is tiling. As such, if your bathroom walls are water-stained and faded and you want the remodelling contractor to spruce them up, you should have them paint the walls and add some wainscotting to each wall's lower half, instead of having them add tiles to them. As long as the contractor uses readymade wainscoting instead of creating customised panels, you should find that this remodelling task takes far less time than tiling the walls would. Whilst you would need to wait until after the paint had dried to fit the wainscoting, you and the contractor could use this time to complete another renovation task.

If you want some of the same benefits that you'd get from using wall tiles (such as protection of the wall from watermarks and mould), you should ensure that the paint you use is water- and mould-resistant. Additionally, you should have the contractor either use wainscoting that has these properties or ask them to add a coat of anti-mould and water-resistant paint to each panel. This will ensure that you won't have to be too conscientious about wiping water off the panels or the walls.

Focus on replacing features that are easy to remove and install

If you don't want the bathroom renovations to take too long, you should try to stick to replacing features that will take minutes for the contractor to remove and then replace. For example, your contractor should be able to take off the existing toilet seat and replace it with a new one in under ten minutes. Likewise, it should take them no more than an hour or two to replace the roller blind, the towel rail or the bathtub's feet (if your tub is freestanding). In contrast, it could take a full week to replace the bathroom suite and its flooring.

Whilst changing one or two of these small features probably wouldn't significantly improve the bathroom's look, changing half a dozen or more of them could (in combination with the wall paint and wainscoting) alter its appearance dramatically, for the better, in just a couple of days. As an added bonus, these small features will also be cheaper to replace than bigger ones, like the suite.


23 April 2021

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