Big Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms


If your home has a small bathroom, you don't need to settle for a cramped and crowded space. Some innovative ideas and a bit of pre-planning can mean making even the smallest space seem large and airy when you renovate and can mean added storage where you least expect it. Note a few of these big ideas for small bathrooms and keep them in mind when you're ready to renovate your bath.

1. Ditch the tub

When was the last time you soaked in the bathtub, and how often do you actually do this? If it's been some time since you took an actual bath, it might be time to ditch the tub. Choose a walk-in shower enclosure that takes up less of a footprint than the tub and which can make the space seem more open and airy if surrounded by a glass shower enclosure or screen.

2. Build storage into your separator

Many bathrooms have a small half-wall that separates the toilet from the sink. Leaving it as a half-wall might make the space look bigger, and it can also cut down on storage options. Compromise by building shelves along the back half of this separator, against the wall. You'll still have an open space but will also have storage for everything you need in the bath.

3. Choose a floating sink

In a very small space, you might choose a floating sink. This has a sink basin with all the pipes behind the walls, so you don't need a vanity or even a pedestal under the sink. If the space is so small that even a pedestal sink would seem as if it's running into the shower area or crowding the toilet, a floating sink can be the perfect solution.

4. Create pockets in the walls

When renovating, don't cover over the entire wall space with drywall or tile. Create pockets in the walls of the showers by adding tile between wall studs so you have a space for your shampoo and other items. You can do the same in the bathroom itself; create pockets between wall studs with drywall and extra pieces of wood that create shelving. This allows you added storage without getting in the way of foot traffic in the room.

5. Go up

When thinking of how to add other shelves to your bathroom, be sure you look up. This means to add shelving over the door or just a foot or meter below the ceiling. You can then add baskets for storing small items or put folded towels in this area without the shelves interfering with the bathroom's small space.

For more ideas and options, talk with contractors that offer bathroom renovations


29 April 2016

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