Unique Materials You Could Consider For Your Kitchen Benchtops


When shopping for new kitchen benchtops, some homeowners tend to stick to conventional materials such as stone or laminate, as these are tried and tested. However, these materials do not make your kitchen standout from other types of homes. If you are engaging in renovations and would like to make your kitchen stand out, you should consider out of the box materials. Not only would these add some character to your kitchen, but they could also work toward increasing the value of your residence. Here are some of the unique materials that you could consider for your kitchen benchtops.

Kitchen benchtops made from porcelain

When most people think of porcelain, they associate it with tiles. Although commonly used in the tile industry, porcelain benchtops are now becoming a popular option for people who would like unique surfaces in their kitchen. These porcelain benchtops are also referred to as sintered surfaces. The porcelain used in the manufacture of these benchtops is created using powdered clay that has been infused with colouring agents. The compounds are then bonding using high pressure and temperature. The resulting surface is much stronger than regular porcelain, making it suitable for the high impact that kitchen benchtops are exposed to. Another benefit of these benchtops is that they neither stain nor scratch easily, making them a hardwearing surface for your kitchen.

Kitchen benchtops made from polished concrete

Although concrete has been a common material used in kitchen benchtops, it was not used in its polished form. If you have a minimalist design for your home, then polished concrete benchtops would be a great addition for your kitchen. These benchtops are typically custom made, thus they tend to be an expensive option. However, they make up for their cost by being both durable as well as aesthetically appealing. The appearance of polished concrete closely resembles that of granite, which lends a striking statement to your kitchen.

Kitchen benchtops made from acrylic

Another material that is gaining popularity in the manufacture of modern kitchen benchtops is acrylic. To make the acrylic durable for this application, the manufacturers combine acrylic composites, acrylic polymers and natural minerals to reinforce the material. The mould that is created is then shaped via thermoforming. This process uses heat to form unique designs and shapes on the acrylic material. It should be noted though that acrylic benchtops are not highly heat resistant, as such it is best to ensure they are protected when placing hot cooking ware on them.


24 May 2016

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