3 Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Remodelling Tasks Which Will Transform Your Dated Kitchen


The kitchen is the centre of the home and a highly visible room for residents and guests. If your kitchen is old, tired and dated, then it may not be the welcoming and inviting space you'd like it to be. If your budget won't stretch to a full remodelling project, don't despair. Here are three easy, fast and inexpensive ways that you can renovate your kitchen into a room that you will be proud to entertain in.

1. Replace dated tiles with a modern splashback

Nothing gives away the age of a kitchen more than the tiles used to create the splashback. Dated patterns in unattractive browns and oranges and lurid geometric tiles in bright primary colours are dowdy at best and a complete eyesore at worst. Replacing them with a splashback made from modern materials will give your kitchen an instant facelift.

There is a huge variety of different contemporary materials available to choose from when it comes to splashbacks. You can opt for new, modern tiles or go for something completely different. Glass, stainless steel and mirrored splashbacks are all popular and cost-effective materials for a modern look for your splashback.

2. Replace worn Formica with an edgy new benchtop

Another regular feature of older kitchens is a drab and old-fashioned Formica benchtop. These are not only dated and unattractive, they're also commonly stained, scorched and worn to the point of exposing the fibreboard backing. Replacing your old benchtop with an eye-catching and vibrant modern material will help transform the entire look of your kitchen.

Benchtops don't have to be expensive to look incredible. Manufactured stone benchtops recreate the timeless beauty of natural stone without the hefty price tag of marble or granite. For a more colourful look, modern laminex or solid acrylic benchtops offer a massive range of colours which will add vibrancy and a modern edge to the room.

3. Replace old taps with sculptural new hardware

Older kitchens also come with old tapware that is generally drab and dull with age and leave a lot to be desired when it comes to your kitchen's aesthetic appeal. Removing the old tapware and replacing it with some sculptural new hardware will instantly update the look of your kitchen and give new life to an old sink area.

You can't go wrong with a classic chrome mixer tap for a modern look. Copper taps are another very popular trend in modern home design and will give your kitchen a modern look that's also soft and welcoming. Make sure that any new sink hardware that you install is water smart to reduce excess water consumption or inadvertent wastage.

Contact your local kitchen remodelling contractor to discuss your ideas for a swift and inexpensive kitchen make-over. They can help you to decide which products and materials will be the best choice for your kitchen.


12 July 2017

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