4 Reasons to Choose a Kitchen Island Over a Breakfast Bar


When you're thinking of renovating your kitchen, you might find yourself choosing between a breakfast bar and a kitchen island. Where a breakfast bar is a relatively slim surface that projects from another countertop or wall, a kitchen island is larger and freestanding. Both have their own pros and cons, but here are just four reasons why islands tend to make a better choice.

1. Larger Surface

Probably the most obvious benefit of choosing a kitchen island over a breakfast bar is having more space. A breakfast bar won't be much good for anything except, well, eating breakfast. A kitchen island is large enough so people can sit facing each other while eating their main meal of the day, so a kitchen island can actually function as a full dining table. You can use it to prepare food while talking to guests or watching your kids tackle their homework, and there should be plenty of space for appliances.

2. More Storage

It isn't just up-top space that you should think about when comparing kitchen islands against breakfast bars. Since a kitchen island takes up more space, you'll have more room for storage beneath the work surface. Given how crowded with bits and pieces modern kitchens tend to get, it's a good idea to get as much storage space as you can out of each renovation.

3. Easier to Move Around

One of the main differences between a kitchen island and a breakfast bar is that breakfast bars need to be attached to an existing countertop or come out from a wall. That might not seem like a problem, but it can make part of your kitchen feel quite boxed in. You'll usually find yourself surrounded on three sides by working surfaces, so there'll only be one free side where you can get out. With a kitchen island, there's space around all sides. That means more people can work at the same space at once, and your kitchen will feel a lot more open.

4. Design Versatility

You've probably seen one or two kitchen islands in other people's homes and formed an impression of how they should look. However, there are plenty of options to fit your island around your own needs. You can go for multi-level or single-level, integrate appliances, add a sink and more. A breakfast bar is simpler and offers far less design versatility. With a kitchen island, you can even create a breakfast bar along one side, eliminating the need to choose!

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19 February 2019

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