Choosing The Colour Of Your New Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets not only provide functional storage; they also add beauty, appeal and charm to this centre of activity in the home. But choosing the right colour is crucial to your kitchen's aesthetics. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Room Dimensions

A kitchen's size is pivotal when selecting the colour of various elements, including cabinetry. In a compact area, dark cupboards can seemingly shrink the room dimensions, whereas pale colours can do the opposite—open up and extend an area so that it feels more spacious and expansive. Lightly coloured surfaces reflect illumination, for a brighter, roomier effect. On the other hand, dark facades absorb light rays, for an overall dimmer result. A generously proportioned kitchen, though, can carry dark cabinetry with ease.

Contrasting Hues

Consider the colour of the walls, benchtop and floor when making your decision. Are they light, dark, or medium toned? Creating shade contrast can add interest and dimension. In a kitchen full of cream and off-white shades—for the cupboards, flooring and other elements—a navy accent wall can add variation. Or, you could contrast a light floor with dark cabinets. Maintaining the same colour across the cabinetry and countertop will create a smooth, blended effect. To increase the roominess of the kitchen, mimic the wall colour on the cabinetry to merge the two into one continuous expanse.

Overall Kitchen Style

Don't forget about your kitchen's style when choosing hues. For a minimalist aesthetic with clean, uninterrupted lines, whites and greys work well for cupboard doors. To complement a traditional kitchen which has period details and contoured cabinets, cream, cocoa, and nut brown shades are great options. Cool dark brown, almost black, cabinets can suit varied styles, from contemporary to classic. 

Bold Kitchen Designs

Vibrant, bright cabinetry can help to produce a stunning and bold kitchen. When taking this approach, stick to a structured plan for the best result. In a room with off-white, floors, walls and ceiling, red cabinetry and a black countertop create a striking contrast. Or in a predominantly white-walled place, opt for bright yellow cabinetry against a silver-grey countertop, with matching steel appliances. For an equally brilliant effect, white cabinetry and appliances could provide the neutral base for a vibrant apple-green accent wall. To make this bold approach work, choose one stand-out colour, so the effect doesn't become overwhelming and chaotic.

Custom joinery services, with their expertise in cabinetry, can help you choose the best shades for your specific space and design.


28 June 2019

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