Unique Materials You Could Consider For Your Kitchen Benchtops


When shopping for new kitchen benchtops, some homeowners tend to stick to conventional materials such as stone or laminate, as these are tried and tested. However, these materials do not make your kitchen standout from other types of homes. If you are engaging in renovations and would like to make your kitchen stand out, you should consider out of the box materials. Not only would these add some character to your kitchen, but they could also work toward increasing the value of your residence.

24 May 2016

The Pros and Cons of Removing Your Bathtub


The world can be split into two types of people: bath people and shower people. If you are more of a shower person, you might even resent having a bath taking up space in your bathroom, sitting idly. If it's about time that you gave your bathroom a renovation, you might be wondering if it could be worthwhile to remove the bath entirely, and upgrade the shower experience. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

9 May 2016

Big Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms


If your home has a small bathroom, you don't need to settle for a cramped and crowded space. Some innovative ideas and a bit of pre-planning can mean making even the smallest space seem large and airy when you renovate and can mean added storage where you least expect it. Note a few of these big ideas for small bathrooms and keep them in mind when you're ready to renovate your bath.

29 April 2016

Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips: Dealing With Dog Urine


Artificial grass is low maintenance compared to real grass, but you still need to do some basic work to keep it in top condition, especially if your dog uses it as a toilet. Solid waste is typically easy to deal with. You can just scoop it up and hose off any residue; however, urine may cause more of a problem over time. Artificial grass doesn't absorb urine but allows it to drain into its base.

25 August 2015